Minecraft Force Op 1.9 Ready!


How does it work?

Automatically makes you an operator (OP) on any Minecraft server.This 'hack' will allow anybody to become an op on any minecraft server, (which means you can fly, ban people , unban yourself and generally grief the server)


Why do we ask you to do a Survey to download our software?

I know surveys are annoying and we are sorry we are asking you to do this,
​but we put a lot of hard work in to this ​​software and the surveys we are asking you to do are honestly easy and quick. So please! help support our work and and fill out what it asks you to. I promise our work is top notch (Pun) and you will be satisfied.

Main Download:

Mirror Downloads:

Mirror Download 1 - Available

Mirror Download 2 - Available 

Mirror Download 3 - Available

Download at bottom of the page 

Feel free to email us if you can not do the surveys and we will email you a copy of the software.

Download Minecraft Force Op 1.9 software